OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A TikTok-famous donut and ice cream restaurant is preparing to set up shop in Oklahoma.

Yonutz announced that it will open its fourth U.S. location in Oklahoma City on Saturday, Oct. 15.

Organizers say the menu features innovative, unique, and outrageous donut and ice cream concepts, including the SMASH Donut. The SMASH Donut is a fluffy, homemade donut stuffed with ice cream, smashed and hot-pressed, and topped with cereal, candies, and cookies.

“At Yonutz, we really do SMASH the Ordinary. We have amazing donuts and amazing ice cream that our customers can enjoy. But we have an entire world of SMASH products where we combine the two and that’s what makes it so outstanding. Yonutz is the place for everyday fun and for those special occasions such as birthdays, first dates, and great report cards ,” says Tony Bahu, CEO and Founder of Yonutz.

The new location will be at 1001 W. Memorial Road, Suite 103 in Oklahoma City.

“We are so thrilled to be able to share our excitement and fantastical desserts with our new customers of Oklahoma City and surrounding areas,”  says Jennifer Bahu, COO and Founder of Yonutz. “Guests will be able to indulge in our delicious products like our famous SMASH Donut and some of our secret menu items.” 

Dessert lovers can choose from 16 original flavors of the SMASH Donuts including new flavors like Birthday Cake, Churro, Cap’N Trix, French Toast, Chocolate Joy, and Sour Candy Smash.

The Sour Candy Smash features a donut that is filled with vanilla ice cream, hot pressed, sliced in two, and topped with a vanilla frosting drizzle, Pop Rocks, and sour candy bites.

 Yonutz also has a ‘secret menu’ that is only available to VIP club members.