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DEL NORTE COUNTY, CA — Three California middle school students were sent to the hospital after eating cookies laced with marijuana, and now parents at Crescent Elk Middle School are speaking out. The students allegedly ate the cookies during their bus ride to school.

“I think something needs to be done about the kids who were on the bus. The ones who provided it,” concerned mother Danyelle Ramsey said.

“It needs to be taken care of. Luckily my daughter doesn’t take the bus. I seems like they should have more to see what kids are bringing into school,” added mother Rebecca Lopez.

Don Olson, Superintendent of Del Norte County Unified School District, says that isn’t always easy.

“One driver with a rear view mirror and 50 students is a daunting task for everyone,” he said.

Olson believes the kids were unaware the substance was in the cookies.

He added that Crescent Elk is a safe school, “it wasn’t an issue of a student saying hey I have something with a controlled substance in it.’

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