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NORMAN, Okla. — A little girl is back home with her mother after she was at the center of an Amber Alert earlier this week.

Police captured the 3-year-old girl’s father Wednesday evening at a Norman apartment complex more than 24 hours after fleeing Shawnee with his daughter.

Chasity Almon was not injured in the kidnapping her.

Her mother talked about the emotional ordeal.

“I mean, the excitement when I first saw her, going from I’m never going to see her again to holding her, it’s amazing,” Kimberly Bristow said.

Thursday a judge set Robert Almon’s bond at $110,000.

The frightening abduction began when officers showed up this week at Almon’s home to serve an arrest warrant.

The father fled taking his daughter and another child with him.

“He would never intentionally harm Chasity but if he would’ve just pulled over, none of this would be going on,” Bristow said.

Authorities eventually tracked down Almon at his girlfriend’s apartment in Norman where they recovered Chasity unharmed.

Bristow’s attorney said the mother is now seeking sole custody of her daughter.

It seems unlikely Almon will retain any legal custody rights.

“Who wants their child running around at 80 miles an hour chased by police? It’s scary stuff. Even if he doesn’t purposely harm her, just think of the danger he’s putting her in. It’s scary stuff,” attorney Carlos Henry said.

Almon’s current girlfriend, Michelle Wilson, has been arrested for harboring a fugitive.

During a court hearing in Pott. County to set his bond, Almon appeared to smirk and laugh several times.

“He thinks everything is a joke. I guess he doesn’t realize how serious it was,” Bristow said.

Almon let the second kidnapped child go early on, releasing that boy by the side of the road.