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SHAWNEE, Okla. — Tuesday night a wild scuffle between a Pottawatomie County couple ends in gunshots. The victim’s girlfriend shot him in the head at a home they shared in near Bethel Acres.

The victim made his way to the nearest neighbor who took him to the hospital. Once there Pottawatomie County Sheriff Mike Booth said he resisted treatment and tried to get away, even if it meant striking the deputy.

“He was very belligerent and combative,” says Booth. “He didn’t seem to mind he had a gunshot wound to the head.”

Booth says the victim didn’t even want a report filed. The deputy ended up having to tase the victim and get him in handcuffs to get him to stay.

“We didn’t have any choice but to restrain him to keep him from leaving the hospital with the type of injury he had,” says Booth.

Sheriff’s deputies then went to the couple’s home to take the victim’s girlfriend into custody. Neighbors who knew the couple well say they didn’t see or hear anything but were shocked to hear what happened.

Janelle Trammell says, “They do a lot of target practicing but I’ve never heard any scuffling or anything that would make me think she would do something like this.”

Billy Kingsley says, “I’ve never known her to be this violent at all.”

Janelle Trammell says they seemed like any other couple to her.

“I babysat her when she was five,” says Trammell. “Now to know that she’s actually done something this horrific, it’s just unbecoming of her nature.”

According to Sheriff Booth the deputy says he understood the victim’s actions considering his condition and charges will not be filed against him.

He was transported from Shawnee to OU medical but we have no word on his condition yet.