POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – A woman facing felony charges for stealing a car and striking its owner with it, is scheduled to be in court this week. 

“We’re flying down the road right now, somebody just stole my car,” the victim told Shawnee Police during a 911 call. 

According to court records, last month the man left his keys in his SUV because his wife was supposed to pick it up later that morning. However, before his wife could get there, he noticed the SUV driving off and did not see his wife’s car there. Therefore, he and his friend jumped in another car to follow it. 

It turns out it was allegedly Carolyn Baxter, 40, who stole the vehicle. 

At one point while the victim was following her, Baxter allegedly stopped at a stop sign. The victim then stepped in front of the car to try to stop Baxter from continuing on. 

“She didn’t stop,” said Cpl. Vivian Lozano with Shawnee Police. “She attempted to proceed, causing her to hit him.”

Court documents reveal the victim told police, “if the road had not been wet, she would’ve drove over him, but with the road wet, he slipped off.” 

After the dangerous encounter, he called Shawnee Police, who began to pursue Baxter. Eventually McLoud Police and CPN Tribal Police got involved as well. 

The majority of the pursuit took place westbound on I-40. 

According to court documents, during the chase Baxter reached speeds of 100 miles per hour, “changing lanes aggressively without signaling and following other motorists at extremely unsafe distances.” 

Baxter finally surrendered near mile marker 167 on I-40. She’s now facing charges for possession of a stolen vehicle, assault and battery with a deadly weapon and eluding a police officer. 

She’s scheduled to be in court Tuesday, June 14.