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OKLAHOMA – There are thousands of people hoping to cash in on a record jackpot tonight.

The Powerball is at $1.5 billion, and people have been rushing to lottery retailers around the state to grab a ticket in hopes of winning big.

It’s a game full of dreams.

Oklahomans are teaming up, in many cases, hoping to increase their odds.

At Clinton Hetrick’s dental office in Stillwater, playing the Powerball is a weekly event.

“It’s just fun. Every week we talk smack about it. There’s not a week that goes by we don’t talk smack about it,” Roxy Baldwin said.

Dr. Hetrick, Roxy, and four of their co-workers aren’t just hoping… they’ve actually won before. In 2013, the office won $2 million in the Powerball.

“All the white balls were the same and our Powerball number was off one number,” Roxy said.

It was a moment of disbelief.

They double checked the numbers and then claimed their prize that day.

Roxy said, “It was a blessing for everybody.”

Though, some warn that you should be careful when playing with your co-workers.

Mark Hammons, a local employment attorney, said, “You really ought to do some precautions. You should make copies of tickets. You should write up a little agreement among yourselves.”

Roxy says she wouldn’t play any other way.

“It was great. I couldn’t think of a better group of people. You all work together, you respect each other,” Roxy said.

After taxes, they each walked away with a little more than $200,000.

“It wasn’t enough to retire. It was enough to have fun, buy a new set of golf clubs,” Roxy said.

They still play Powerball every week, hoping to win big again someday.

“It’s a nice dream,” Roxy said.

Roxy’s office had purchased the Powerplay to increase their winnings this go ’round, too.

The drawing will happen tonight at 9:59 p.m. and will be shown live on News Channel 4.