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LINCOLN COUNTY, Okla- The first lawsuit of it’s kind here in the state brings a woman to file a lawsuit against two Oklahoma energy companies.

She alleges their wastewater injections caused a series of earthquakes that injured her in November of 2011.

Sandra Ladra’s attorney says the industry needs to stand up and pay for the problems they’re causing.

Problems for the Ladra family began the weekend of November 5th, stirring up some of the highest magnitude quakes Oklahoma has seen.

Scott Poynter, the representing attorney says he thinks he and his client Ladra have a good case and are not just looking for a payout.

“She was watching the Kansas State-Oklahoma State football game in November of 2011 with her family when the earthquake occurred,” Poynter says.

Saturday night, Ladra felt the ground quake at a 5.7 magnitude.

“During the earthquake a lot of the rock fell down off the chimney and struck her in her legs,” Poynter said.

Pictures of her legs show the scarring and bruising that followed after large rocks from her chimney tumbled toward her.

“The size of rock is about this size of your head certainly and a significant sized and heavy rock,” Poynter said.

There were other homes in the Prague area that also suffered similar fates.

The lawsuit claims that disposing of wastewater related to the fracking process done by New Dominion LLC, based in Oklahoma City and Spess Oil Company, based in Cleveland, Oklahoma, are causing shifts in fault lines resulting in earthquakes.

“It’s the injection well activity, the disposal of the wastewater that is the problem,” Poynter says.

In the lawsuit petition, Poynter points out that his client’s claims are all backed by scientific research. He says right now Oklahoma is the most seismically active state in the U.S.

“You’re having problems not only in Prague but in Jones, you’re seeing problems around Edmond now, so hopefully nothing bad will happen to the city of Oklahoma,” Poynter said.

We spoke with Ladra on the phone, she didn’t want to go on camera but told us she is still experiencing knee problems.

Her attorney says she will have to undergo knee replacement surgery.

We tried contacting Spess Oil Company, they did not take our calls.

We were able to speak with representatives from New Dominion who told us they could not comment on the pending litigation.