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HUGO, Okla. – “It’s kinda hard to tell a 5-, a 4- and a 1-year-old that they were shot by the people that are supposed to protect them,” said concerned father Quindric Jacobs.

Jacobs is begging for answers, after he said three of his children were injured in an officer-involved shooting.

“These are my kids and, if I can’t speak up for my kids, then nobody will,” he said.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation agents along with the Hugo Police Department were searching for William Devaughn Smith.

Smith was wanted in connection to an armed robbery at a Pizza Hut in Hugo.

OSBI said he was parked at a food center and, at some point when officers made contact with him, shots were fired.

Four kids were in the car at the time, three of them were hurt and taken to a hospital in Tulsa.

“A little girl and little boy that young to be shot in the head and to still be able to get up and walk around and laugh and play with you like it never really happened, but we know it happened,” Jacobs said.

People who live in or around Hugo have been gathering through the weekend and into Monday to participate in peaceful protests. They said they will not give up until they get the answers they feel they deserve.

“We’re tired of seeing things like this happen across the country, and we wanted answers,” said protest organizer Rodney Cox.

OSBI said Monday that the children’s mother was in a relationship with Smith.

“This is a major problem… I won’t let die down, I don’t care if I’m 62 years old still trying to do this,” Jacobs said.

“I just sympathize with the kids more than anything, just looking at them and thinking about the mental stability that they’re gonna go through for the rest of their lives” Cox said.

Cox said he met with the Hugo mayor and city manager and they told him that they’d work with the group of protesters moving forward.