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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — Protesters interrupted an Oklahoma County commissioners meeting while commissioners were discussing a resolution that would prohibit the use of free speech on county property. 

“Fascist, Fascist, Fascist, Terrorist F*** Fascist. Warren you’re a Fascist,” Jess Eddy, a local activist, screamed at Oklahoma County commissioners during their meeting on Wednesday. 

Eddy was escorted out of the meeting in handcuffs and arrested for Willfully Disturbing, Interfering With or Disrupting State Business, Agency Operations, or Employees. 

After that, more protesters flooded into the meeting. 

“We will not be silenced by your attempts to stop free speech,” they chanted. 

Free speech is at the center of a proposed resolution by Court Clerk Rick Warren to prohibit protests and demonstrations on county property. 

“If you put a gun to my head and made me vote on it now, I would vote yes,” Commissioner Kevin Calvey, District 3, said during the meeting. 

Commissioner Carrie Blumert has said she plans to vote no and Commissioner Brian Maughan is on the fence, saying he would like to see the language tweaked a bit. 

“Clearly everyone agrees we could not have a protest like we saw this morning in the middle of a courtroom. I mean that could throw somebody’s trial, create a mistrial,” Maughan said. 

The item was tabled until a special meeting on Friday. 

Then shortly after the meeting, Warren sent News 4 this statement: 

“I am FOR free speech. I would fight and even die for that right. Anyone who knows me knows that.
I was asked to place the item on the agenda for the Sheriff and I did so. My sole focus is to ensure delivery of fair and impartial due process in the upcoming jury term.
However, I’ve been assured by a leader of the group of citizens who showed up today that it is not now nor was it ever the group’s intent to disrupt jury trials.
As a result, I have withdrawn my request for this resolution. I trust that the good citizens of Oklahoma County will respect the process to ensure the delivery of due process to all.”
Wednesday afternoon, Commissioner Blumert tweeted, “The free speech resolution has been deferred to Friday’s 11:30 am County Commissioners meeting. Yes, Clerk Warren removed his support of the resolution but it still made its way to our agenda. See you Friday at 11:30 am. You can attend in person w a mask or watch on YouTube.” 

“Our city and our county are out of control right now,” Mark Faulk, another local activist, said.