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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – About a few hundred people marched in a “We Can’t Breathe” rally in downtown Oklahoma City on Saturday.
Protesters started at Calvary Baptist Church and marched to the front of Harkins Theatres.
Speakers included local leaders like Councilwoman Nikki Nice and Rep. Anastasia Pittman.
“We are a unified community. We all see the problems our community is facing right now,” co-organizer Angelique Chandler said.
People came together to share their stories and talk about what change they want to see.
“We’re taught from a young age if you’re in trouble, call the police. But with these instances, it becomes like a conflict of what you’re raised to do and what you’re seeing,” Chandler said.
People of all backgrounds came to speak out against racism, gun violence and police brutality.

“It’s been ‘enough is enough’ for hundreds of years, but there’s been all these movements and riots and protests in some form, and now this is the new one that we have to do,” attendee Josh Turner said. “It’s everyone’s problem, it’s everyone’s issue – all lives can’t matter until black lives matter. That has to be the focus right now.”

“Everything that’s happening in our country is absolutely ridiculous, and it’s happening right here,” attendee Summer Killion said. “It’s just insane. Police brutality is out of control. We just want to come show our support and be an ally in any way that we can.”
People at the rally were also encouraged to register to vote.