LAS VEGAS, Nevada (KFOR/Storyful) – Police vest cam video shows the arrest of the owner of a 3-month-old Husky puppy, that had been left in a hot car for two hours with its mouth taped shut.

Security guards at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino found the puppy inside a Mercedes while conducting afternoon rounds of the parking garage. Its owner had parked on the rooftop with no shade.

Security then rescued the puppy through the sun roof and then called police.

A woman is heard telling the officer that when they found the puppy, its mouth was taped with “lots of saliva” coming from its closed mouth, making it difficult for the puppy to breathe.

3-month-old Husky puppy rescued after mouth taped shut, locked in hot car for 2 hours. Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

The owner of the Mercedes sedan then appeared and was put in handcuffs. Police determined the puppy was left inside the hot car for two hours while the owner was inside the casino gambling.

“You realize how hot it is outside? You had the vehicle off, windows up, and you had tape around your dog’s mouth,” the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer tells the puppy’s owner.

Raul Carbajal, 50, was arrested for willful, malicious torture of an animal, which is a felony.

The incident happened on July 20th, yet the puppy remains in the care of animal control, where it is still receiving medical treatment.

The LVMPD posted on Facebook that the temperature reached 113 degrees in Las Vegas that day.