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OKLAHOMA CITY – A Putnam City teacher’s classroom went viral after pictures of her Harry Potter themed classroom were posted on Reddit.

A room at James L. Capps Middle School is filled with wizards, potions and spells.

Oklahoma’s very own Hogwarts stands after the Platform 9 3/4 sign.

“We have Hedwig in a cage,” said Stephanie Stephens.

From Harry Potter’s pet, to mesmerizing potions,  Stephens hopes her middle school students have a unique learning experience through her interactive classroom.

“For example, the flesh eating slug repellent. This would kill the slugs that you put on plants,” said  Stephens.

“Books are magic. You can learn anything in books and just be in a different location, anytime, anywhere,” said Stephens.

Students even earn magic crystals, or points, for bringing something to write with to class.

Then they’re seated next to Fluffy, the three headed dog, or underneath the flying keys.

Stephens says she hopes her decor helps her students think creatively.

“My kids all are required to think outside the box and the critical thinking is really important in my class,” said Stephens.

Stephens encourages other educators to add some flare or something mysterious to their teaching styles.

“I think that teachers really need to find something they’re passionate about, because [students] will be passionate about things that you’re passionate about,” said Stephens.

Stephens said she’s read all seven Harry Potter books three times, plus listened to all the books on tape over the summer.

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