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OKLAHOMA CITY – It was a great day at Martin Luther King Jr, Elementary school as students in the “Raising a Reader”  program were recognized for developing their reading skills.

The Raising a Reader program encourages parents to read aloud to children by developing a routine of regular book sharing.

Students receive a weekly book bag full of award winning books that they can take home and share.

Over time, the combination of healthy brain development,  family bonding and increased literacy skills can lead to a lifetime of success!

Thurman White, Jr., Silicon Valley Community Foundation board member, made the donation that helped bring the Raising A Reader program to the school.

If we can, through this program, help to facilitate kids beginning to appreciate the joy of reading, the joy of learning, then the sky’s the limit for them.”

White is originally from Oklahoma City and graduate of Oklahoma City Schools.

  • Thurman White, Jr. and student reading aloud at Raising a Reader