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OKLAHOMA CITY—Thousands of Oklahomans packed the Cox Convention Center Saturday afternoon to talk about religious freedoms they believe could be in jeopardy.

Rep. James Lankford said, “We’re having a conversation as a community to say we really are absolutely committed to the fact that this is a nation under God, but also you have the liberty to follow the God of your choosing, but you also have the freedom to not follow God at all. But you have, there has to be hands off from the federal government or the state government.”

That conversation was made up of several denominations that gathered at the Cox Convention Center to discuss concerns they believe they’re facing from the government.

Archbishop Paul S. Coakley, Archdiocese of Oklahoma City, said, “We’ve been very concerned about the increasing number of threats to religious liberty in our nation, in particular the HHS mandate, or the so called contraception mandate, that the administration has recently imposed upon us.”

Archbishop Coakley says the rally’s not only about Catholics but possible future issues that could arise involving other denominations.

He said, “If it’s the Catholics and Catholic institutions that today are under threat from the federal government, who will it be tomorrow?”

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