SAN FRANCISCO, California (KFOR/Storyful) – Monday Night Football took a strange turn when two different animal rights activists ran onto the field and were tackled – one by Los Angeles Rams linebacker Bobby Wagner during a game against the 49ers.

Video at the top of this story shows a man first run out onto the field, who was being chased by two security officers while letting off pink smoke.

According to the group “Direct Action Everywhere,” that smoke was to protest the upcoming trial of two men who could face ten years in prison for felony burglary and theft charges, after allegedly stealing two dying piglets from the nation’s largest pig farm in Utah.

Security couldn’t quite catch the man, so Wagner jumped in to help. The video is muted in one part due to profanity from fans after Wagner tackled the man.

The video then shows a woman running onto the field and immediately being tackled by a steward. She too was waving a canister of pink smoke.

The video ends with a selfie of the two before entering the game, along with a citation one had received after the incident.

Even though Wagner flattened the protestor, the Rams were ultimately flattened by the 49ers on Monday night, with a score of 24 to 9.