GROVE, England (Storyful/KFOR) – Surveillance video captured two young kids taking video while dancing as a 125 mph train came barreling toward them, and officials say it’s becoming a “reckless and dangerous” trend in the town of Grove, England.

Network Rail said the driver of a high-speed passenger train had to use the emergency brakes when he saw the children dancing in a spot where 200 trains cross daily.

Officials said this is at least the fourth instance in the past month of children photographing themselves while dancing and trespassing onto the tracks – one child recently did tricks on his scooter while on the tracks.

“The behavior of the children… is really shocking and reckless. The railway is not a playground and what they are doing is extremely dangerous,” said Alison Kramer, Network Rail’s community safety manager.

The level crossing is designed for residents to cross when there are no trains coming in either direction, however officials say the children are grossly misusing the crossing.

Officials say the instances are especially disappointing as Network Rail’s community safety team frequently visits schools and communities to educate children and their families on safety near the railway.