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UPDATE 2:58 p.m. – Our own 4Warn Storm Team chaser Reed Timmer is now home after a health scare while trying to intercept tornadoes on the Nebraska/Iowa border last week.

Timmer said he hopes to be “back to 100 percent” Tuesday.

He plans to update everyone on what happened and how he is doing soon

Timmer said he really appreciates all the support and well wishes he has received.

UPDATE: Reed Timmer has been released from the hospital and he is resting.

Doctors still want to do some further testing.

A member of the 4Warn Storm Team has suffered an apparent seizure and is in the hospital in Iowa Friday evening.

Reed Timmer is recovering at Mercy Medical Center in Sioux City, Iowa, according to his team member Mike Scantlin.

He is undergoing a series of tests, but currently he is resting in the emergency room.

Scantlin says Timmer is talking but feels nauseated.

The Dominator was on the Nebraska, Iowa border chasing severe storms.

We will have more information on his condition when it becomes available.