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  • Gina Stromski in memoriam
  • Tewauna Robinson in memoriam
  • Leslie Johnson in memoriam
  • Richard Brown in memoriam
  • William Sass in memoriam
  • Cindy Plumley in memoriam
  • Jeany Nealy in memoriam
  • Nicolas McCabe in memoriam
  • Terri Long in memoriam
  • Christopher Legg in memoriam
  • Janae Hornsby in memoriam
  • Megan Futrell in memoriam
  • Case Futrell in memoriam
  • Kyle Davis in memoriam
  • Emily Conatzer in memoriam
  • Antonia Candelaria in memoriam
  • Hemant Bhonde in memoriam
  • Sydney Angle in memoriam
  • Deanna Ward in memoriam
  • Sydnee and Karrina Vargyas in memoriam
  • Randy Smith in memoriam
  • Shannon Quick in memoriam
  • Kathryn Begay

MOORE, Okla. – Twenty-five people were killed in the tornado that tore through Moore May 20, 2013.

Ten of those victims were children, seven of them were in the Plaza Towers Elementary School.

Terri Long – 49
Megan Futrell – 29
Case Futrell – 4 months
Shannon Quick – 40
Sydnee Vargyas – 7 months
Karrina Vargyas – 4
Jeany Neely – 38
Antonia Candelaria – 9
Kyle Davis – 8
Janae Hornsby – 9
Sydney Angle – 9
Emily Conatzer -9
Nicolas McCabe – 9
Christopher Legg – 9
Cindy Plumley – 45
Deanna Ward – 70
Rick Jones – 54
William Sass – 63
Gina Stromski – 51
Tewauna Robinson – 45
Randy Smith – 39
Leslie Johnson – 46
Hemant Bhonde – 65
Richard Brown – 41
Kathryn Begay – 90

More than 300 people were injured in the storm.

“Today, above all else, we all remember the precious lives lost two years ago. Many were injured, lost homes, sustained significant damage; we were all impacted in some way. The manner in which we cared for each other, loved those who lost everything, and lifted each other up showed our spirit. We somberly remember and gratefully recover every day but especially on this anniversary day. Please love each other, be patient with each other and remember how it feels to be Moore Strong,” City of Moore Spokesperson Deidre Ebrey said in a statement.

Today we honor those we lost and the communities across Oklahoma that recovered and are even stronger today.


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