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OKLAHOMA – An alleged night of crime leads to a sleepy arrest in Logan County.

Deputies now need help finding the owner of a stolen ATV.

It was far from the beaten path in rural Logan County that a suspected burglar was found catching some zzz’s.

“We received a call in reference to a suspicious suspect possibly passed out at the wheel of a vehicle,” said Detective Greg Valencia, with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies arrived to find Israeil Cummings asleep at the wheel – a man with a long criminal history and some explaining to do.

“It turned out the vehicle was stolen, and there were several items of stolen property inside the vehicle,” Valencia said. “Apparently, he had been using some meth.”

The wild night out in Logan County ended across the street from Joyce Hilvorn.

“It’s interesting,” Hilvorn said. “We don’t have any trouble out here.”

Now, deputies have a new mystery after another confession by Cummings.

Authorities said, during booking, Cummings claimed he knew of a stolen ATV left behind on the side of the road.

The ATV was quickly recovered, as officials now look for its owner.

“We’re just waiting for the owner to identify it because, at this time, we don’t know who the owner is,” Valencia said.

Anyone with information should contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

The owner of the ATV will have to present proof of ownership.

Cummings was arrested on multiple complaints, including driving under the influence and several stolen property offenses.