NEW SOUTH WALES, Australia (KFOR/Storyful) – Meet Stanley, one of the world’s smallest kangaroo species. Stanley was named and rescued after the tiny joey was found curled up during freezing temperatures in Australia’s Tamalla, New South Wales region, presumably orphaned from his mother.

Wildlife rangers brought the little guy to Aussie Ark, where his keepers are bottle-feeding Stanley. They say he will need around the clock care for the next six months, including feedings every three hours.

The above video shows his handlers caring for the three-month-old, followed by an interview with Stanley’s main keeper, Aussie Ark Curator Kelly Davis.

Musky rat-kangaroo is the common name for little marsupials like Stanley, but Davis says she prefers people call them a Rufous bettong.

Rufous bettongs can walk on all fours and hop around on their hind legs like their taller kangaroo species, and have an important ecological role in Australia, their only habitat.

“They are ecological engineers. They help turn over the soil, help reduce the severity of bush fires, and also maintain the health of the ecosystem,” said Davis.

Once Stanley reaches maturity, Davis says he will be released into Aussie Ark’s conservation program with other Rufous bettongs.