YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – On Sunday afternoon, the Yukon Fire Department responded to yet another fire this weekend.

It happened at the Windsor Gardens Apartment complex on Ranchwood Boulevard. 

The Yukon Fire Department told KFOR that everyone at the apartment complex was evacuated until the fire was out and it only affected the exterior of two units. 

Fortunately, there were no injuries, but the cause of the fire still remains a mystery. 

“The first engine company that got there pulled the handline. They hit the exterior of the building and then made entry into the fire apartment. They didn’t have any extension in there. And the other engine companies went and cleared the rest of the apartment complex and got a primary all clear and did searches,” said Batt. Chief Caleb McDoulett, with the Yukon Fire Department.  

The Yukon Fire Department told KFOR that the damage was only done to the outside of two apartment units. 

“So those residents fortunately, will be able to stay there tonight… I would say minor damage to the exterior,” said McDoulett. 

Video from the Yukon Fire Department shows the flames from the fire at the apartment complex. Officials said it took less than a minute to put the fire out. 

“They pulled a handline directly to where they needed to go and started applying water real quick,” said McDoulett. 

One neighbor who lives next door to where the fire happened said he’s worried it may happen again. 

“We’ve had issues with the apartment for a while, you know, electrical issues, water issues,” said Kerry Lachman, resident at Windsor Gardens Apartment complex. 

Lachman said at the time of the fire, there was no one inside either of the apartments affected. 

“The way the flame was going was just wrapping around that door. So, I was real worried… Thank God they weren’t home,” said Lachman. 

Lachman said he can’t get ahold of the apartment complex. So, to be safe, he’s unplugging everything in his home until maintenance from the apartment can come and check everything out. 

“Every time there’s any type of issues, we can’t get a hold of anybody or it takes days to get a hold of anyone… I have everything unplugged in my apartment, and I don’t even know if I’m going to be staying there just because I’m worried that if it happened this close, there’s no telling what the wiring is like in my apartment, especially since I can’t get anybody to come look at it,” said Lachman.  

The Yukon Fire Department is now investigating what happened. They said currently there’s no suspected foul play. 

KFOR left a message with the apartment complex Sunday afternoon. Their answering machine said they’ll call back during normal business hours.