Idabel, Okla. (KFOR) – Several Oklahoma residents were impacted by the destructive tornado that tore through Southeastern Oklahoma Friday night. It damaged more than 100 homes and businesses in Idabel.  

The tornadoes tore through parts of Texas and Oklahoma killing at least one person and injuring two dozen others.  

Governor Kevin Stitt declared a state of emergency Saturday morning for the affected counties in an effort to rebuild. 

The state is also sending generators and crews to help search and cleanup. 

“We searched all the houses and there was only one fatality. So, a 90-year-old man was killed last night. So, our thoughts and prayers are with his family,” said Kevin Stitt, Oklahoma Governor. 

Saturday, Governor Kevin Stitt in Idabel expressing his devastation for families hit hard by Friday’s tornado.  

“So, we can rebuild these other homes. And so, we’re doing an executive order right now to declare emergency for these four counties. And we will get all the help we can right down here,” said Stitt.   

Also, heavy damage at Trinity Church in Idabel which was smashed by a tornado.  

A medical center there and a school were also hit hard.  

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister also made the following remarks regarding Friday night’s tornado in southeastern Oklahoma.    

“Our hearts go out to the communities of Idabel, Hugo, Valliant, Denison and surrounding towns following last night’s tornado. The Oklahoma State Department of Education’s crisis response team has provided resources to administrators of the impacted school districts. The agency stands ready to provide other supports as additional needs arise in this ordeal. Our prayers are with all the Oklahomans affected by this devastation and loss.”   

Now residents are devastated by the impact.  

“We’re still in shock, I guess. We’re very blessed because if you look around us, you see everything else is gone. I mean we lost a lot of things but, we’re still all alive,” said Jennifer, Idabel house victim.  

One Oklahoma tire business has now been destroyed.  

“And all the lifts and everything just blown up and nothing is here anymore. So, for it to not be here anymore after 13 years, it’s kind of hard but we’ll get passed it,” said Hilton, Idabel tire shop manager.  

The American Red Cross opened shelters Saturday to feed, house, and help heal those left broken by the storms.  

Governor Stitt’s Executive Order declaring a state of emergency can be viewed here