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CANADIAN COUNTY, Okla. – A retired deputy was arrested after he was allegedly caught hauling pot through Oklahoma.

On February 12, around 8 p.m., 68-year-old Stanley Hirayama, of Westwood, California, was stopped for a traffic violation on I-40 in Canadian County.

After the deputy made contact with the driver, he reportedly detected what he believed to be the odor of marijuana.

When Hirayama handed the deputy his California driver’s license, he also handed him a Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office Deputy Commission credential.

Hirayama then told the deputy that the entire purpose of the trip was so his girlfriend could introduce him to some of her friends.

Officials say Hirayama couldn’t advise where the friends lived, what their names were, where they would be staying, or how long they would be staying there.

According to reports, deputies believed his story sounded pretty strange, because most people would be able to have answers for those basic questions.

Deputies then approached the female Hirayama was traveling with, and identified her as Shannon K. Conley, 42, of Reno, Nevada.

Conley told deputies she was a dancer and that Hirayama was a “seasonal roommate.”

Based on the strange answers, coupled with the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle, deputies believed the pair might be involved in criminal activity.

When the deputy asked Hirayama if there was any marijuana inside the vehicle, he reportedly replied, “not to my knowledge.”

Hirayama who was still inside the Sheriff’s cruiser was asked if there was any marijuana in the vehicle, and Hirayama said, “Not to my knowledge.”

Deputies then asked Conley if there was any marijuana in the vehicle.

Officials say Conley glanced over her left shoulder toward the cargo area of the SUV, and then back at the deputy and said “Yes, there is…. there’s a lot of it in the duffel bags.”

Deputies entered the vehicle and recovered two large duffel bags stuffed full of 60 pounds of marijuana.

Conley told deputies that the drugs were hers and that Hirayama didn’t know anything about it.

Deputies estimate the street value of the marijuana to be around $150,000.

Hirayama and Conley were both arrested for trafficking marijuana.