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EDMOND, Okla. – Billy Buring knew he had a treasure in his 1968 Chevy Camaro, but he never expected to find another during a recent restoration.

“I pulled the seats up, pulled the carpet out. When I was vacuuming under the carpet there was a ring that was under the seat,” Buring told News 4.

It was a 1972 high school class ring. There wasn’t much to go on except “DML” engraved inside the ring.

Billy did a little detective work and traced that ring back to Edmond Memorial High School. He even looked at online yearbooks trying to identify a student with those initials. When that didn’t pan out, he contacted Edmond police.

Authorities posted the ring on social media and within 24 hours, the ring mystery had been unraveled.

Edmond fireman, Lindall Wood’s mom, got a message on Facebook. His mom, Delone Marie Lynch, was the proud owner of that muscle car 40-plus years ago. She’s living in Tennessee now, and had all but forgotten about her class ring.

We had the pleasure of passing along the great news. She enthusiastically told us, “You found my ring?! Send it back to Oklahoma and I’ll get it.”

The ring is on its way home after hiding in a Camaro floor board 45 long years.

“Effort is everything. I could have thrown it in a drawer or taken it down to a pawn shop. But it meant something to somebody at one time. Obviously it still does mean something,” Buring said.

A ring and a story of kindness – Delone will treasure a lifetime.