OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – It has become a growing trend across the Oklahoma City metro, aggressive driving that has turned violent. In recent weeks, road rage has been blamed for one Oklahoma City death and a number of attacks; including a woman who was beaten and a man pulling a gun on a couple.

Law enforcement said summer months have been the worst when it comes to angry and aggravated drivers on the roads.

“People are just naturally irritated,” said Trooper Eric Foster, with the Oklahoma Highway Patrol. “Traffic is thicker. There’s a lot of construction work that’s going on throughout the interstates because of the nice weather.”

Trooper Foster said the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has seen aggressive driving time and time again and much of it has to do with people having a hard time de-escalating themselves.

KFOR saw a road rage incident turn deadly earlier this week when a 19-year-old was shot and killed on SW 22nd in Oklahoma City.

“It’s unclear who started it, who initiated it, what led up to it,” said Gary Knight, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Police have still not arrested a suspect in the case.

Trooper Foster said if you ever encounter a situation where a driver becomes aggressive, get away from the situation, call 911, and find a high traffic area.

Don’t let road rage get the best of you.

“We’re not about showing up on the scene and talking you down,” said Foster. “If you did something and you made contact with another vehicle on purpose. If you pointed a firearm at people, we’re seeing that more now. If you do that, you will go to jail.”