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OKLAHOMA CITY – It’s a controversy that has surrounded the image of the Oklahoma State Capitol for months.

The Satanic Temple, a group in New York, wants to put a statue of the devil near the Ten Commandments monument, which is already standing on the grounds.

The temple just released photos of the proposed monument, saying it is nearly finished.

It still needs to be bronzed but the bulk of it appears to be complete.

However, the legal wrangling is nowhere close to being finished.

The Satanic Temple is in the process of requesting a permit for their statue from the Preservation Committee.

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However, that could take a while.

The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the placement of the 10 Commandments monument at the Capitol.

That lawsuit resulted in the state putting a moratorium on any monument permits being issued.

NewsChannel 4 has learned that moratorium may have no bearing on the Satanic Temple’s plan.

Adam Daniels, a local Satanist, says he spoke with the temple’s spokesperson, Lucien Greaves, about the future of the statue.

Daniels said, “From my conversations with Lucien and how one-minded he is about getting this accomplished, I think he would try to get it up regardless of any permission or not.”

Brady Henderson, from the Oklahoma ACLU, said if they go through with placing the statue without a permit, there could be several ramifications.

Henderson said, “What does the state do? Presumably, they will remove it or try to remove it. So then, if you’re the Satanic Temple, does that mean you go to court and argue, ‘Wait a minute, you had two monuments out there with different religious views and your removed one of them?”

Officials say there may be a mold of the statue already made.

In case it is defaced, they will be able to create a new one.