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OKLAHOMA CITY – After the decision by the Oklahoma Supreme Court to remove the Ten Commandments Monument outside the state Capitol, the Satanic Temple is now looking for another home for its Baphomet monument.

In 2012, Rep. Mike Ritze paid for the installation of a Ten Commandments Monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol’s front lawn.

Since he paid for the Commandments himself, it was classified as a donation and was allowed to be placed on government property.

After the Ten Commandments Monument was placed at the Oklahoma Capitol, the Satanic Temple announced that it wanted to donate a public monument to “complement and contrast” the monument on the grounds.

The proposed Baphomet monument features the devil in goat form.

“We decided to go with that because it is a fairly traditional character,” said Lucien Greaves, with The Satanic Temple. “It also offers a lap that visitors can come to sit on, have their picture taken with.”

When the Ten Commandments Monument was destroyed last year, the Satanic Temple said it would stop its plans of building a statue if the monument was not rebuilt.

Rep. Ritze decided to replace the monument, which meant the Satanic Temple would continue to fight for placement at the Capitol.

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled that the Ten Commandments Monument must be removed from the state Capitol.

Since it will no longer be in place, the Satanic Temple is now forced to look for a new home for Baphomet.

“The entire point of our effort was to offer a monument that would complement and contrast the Ten Commandments, reaffirming that we live in a nation that respects plurality, a nation that refuses to allow a single viewpoint to co-opt the power and authority of government institutions,” Greaves told the Washington Post. “Given the Court’s ruling, TST no longer has any interest in pursuing placement of the Baphomet monument on Oklahoma’s Capitol grounds.”

Greaves say they are hoping to install the statue in Arkansas, where the legislature approved a privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments at the state’s Capitol.

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