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PURCELL, Okla. –  An Oklahoma police department is in hot water over possible missing evidence.

Officer Richard Kyle Glasgow is the man at the center of the investigation.

Items that were considered important to solving crimes were found at the officer’s home.

Glasgow has been in previous trouble before after allegedly shooting a neighbor’s dog. He was then placed on administrative leave.

“McClain County Sheriff’s Office was doing its own investigation and they came across something they thought was abnormal,” said Jessica Brown, OSBI spokesperson.

It happened July 1, when McClain County deputies found Glasgow in violation of a protective order his wife placed against him.

Deputies searched Glasgow’s car and found an evidence tag for a leaf blower in his glove box.

That search led them to other missing items from Purcell Police Department’s evidence room. Therefore, investigators contacted OSBI to look into it.

“McClain County Sheriff’s Office requested OSBI’s help about the possibility of some discrepancies with the Purcell Police Department’s evidence room,” Brown said.

OSBI issued a search warrant Wednesday at the Purcell Police Department.

“This came up when the McClain County Sheriff’s Office was doing its own investigation and they found these alleged discrepancies. That’s why they thought it might be criminal in nature and they wanted to call in OSBI,” said Brown.

A McClain County police report shows us a detective asked a Purcell police captain about the evidence tag for the leaf blower.

The captain said it was “found property” and he forgot about it, in which he said Glasgow was going to take it home to fix it and told the detective to throw the tag away.

Detectives found the blower and more back at Glasgow’s home.

Investigators located several boxes some with the Purcell police evidence tape still on them. Inside of boxes, they located more than 220 magazines and rounds for guns.

A digital camera and several knives were also found next to the boxes.

“We present it to the district attorney’s office, the DA determines whether or not to prosecute if there is a crime to prosecute,” Brown said.

OSBI says they’re unsure of how long the investigation will take to complete.