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EDMOND, Okla. – The Sandy Hook school massacre was a wake up call for Steve Walker.

A father of two elementary school students, Steve desperately wanted to protect his boys from a dangerous classroom intruder.

Walker said, “We wanted our children to have a layer of protection immediately. They can be stored in the classroom and when seconds count, they can be easily applied.”

It took him a year to design, create and now market the “Bodyguard Blanket.”

It’s made from the same material protecting police officers and our soldiers in Afghanistan.

Managing partner, Stan Schone, said, “If it hits you anywhere on the body, it’ll hurt you. But it’s not going to kill you.”

Kids put them on just like a backpack with head-to-toe defense.

Schone said, “As the students put them on and line up in the hallway, they develop a shield like the Romans and Greeks used to lock together, so it gives them added protection.”

And developers say it’s not just for protection from a deranged gunman.

The company believes the “Bodyguard Blanket” can also deflect Mother Nature.

Children can quickly strap on the blanket and shield themselves from flying tornado debris.

Walker said, “It won’t save every life. We would never say this is better than a tornado shelter. But we do believe we’ve developed the next best option.”

With school districts everywhere navigating the line between budget reality and children’s safety, the “Bodyguard Blanket” may be one solution, when human nature or Mother Nature turn deadly.

Right now, the price is just under $1,000 per blanket.

However, the company hopes to offer discounts for larger orders for school districts.