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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Less than a week after a gun-rights advocacy group distanced itself from a self-proclaimed ‘Second Amendment Auditor,’ that man has been taken into custody.

Timothy Harper has posted videos of himself openly carrying firearms into private businesses and on public property. In the clips, Harper claims to be conducting ‘First and Second Amendment audits.’

In April, Edmond police officers were called to Hafer Park when witnesses became concerned about a man carrying a gun.

“Are you video recording this to see what type of rise you get out of people when they call?” an Edmond police officer is heard asking on body camera footage.

“Yes, this is an audit,” said Harper. “We are going to see if you guys respect the Second Amendment and how you respond to someone carrying a pistol.”

At the time, Harper said that he wanted people to become more comfortable seeing armed citizens in public places.

“I started carrying the AR-15 pistol around to help migrate our law enforcement officers and citizens into realizing that when you see a citizen with a rifle, it’s not always a bad thing,” said Harper.

Most recently,  Harper recorded himself carrying a rifle into an Oklahoma City Twin Peaks restaurant earlier this week.

Last week, the Oklahoma Second Amendment Association spoke out against Harper’s actions.

“His actions to draw attention to himself while escalating tensions for profit of a social media platform is uncalled for, unwise, and does not hold to the values of the Board of Directors of OK2A or the majority of Oklahomans. His claim to any such authority with OK2A is FALSE,” a statement from the association read in part.

Now, it seems that Harper is in hot water with law enforcement.

Timothy Harper

A booking report from the Oklahoma County Jail obtained by News 4 shows that Harper was arrested by Oklahoma City police on a complaint of carrying a weapon where alcohol is consumed.

At this point, KFOR is still working to obtain more details about Harper’s arrest.