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WASHINGTON (KFOR) – A U.S. senator from Oklahoma brought his bill up for a vote to stop vaccine mandates on federal employees and contractors.

In September, Sen. James Lankford filed the Stop Vaccine Mandates Act, which would repeal President Biden’s executive order that mandates vaccines for federal employees and contractors.

Earlier this month, Lankford told KFOR that although he supports Americans getting vaccinated against COVID-19, he did not feel like a mandate was the right move for the president.

“We just need to be able to have some basic respect for individuals and their choices at this point, while we still encourage people to take the vaccine,” he said.

On Wednesday, Lankford brought his Stop Vaccine Mandates Act up for a vote on the Senate floor.

“Mr. President, don’t play chicken with our families. This is real to them. They do not need to lose their job because they have medical conditions, religious accommodations, or they have natural immunity. They’ve suffered through COVID once, and now you’re going to fire them? For that? Let’s have a real dialogue, not a rushed my-patience-is-wearing-thin,” Lankford said.

However, Lankford’s measure was blocked by a Democratic senator.

Biden announced sweeping vaccine mandates for a large swath of the nation’s workforce on Sept. 9 as part of his six-pronged plan to combat the highly contagious Delta variant’s rapid spread across the nation.

Biden’s plan requires businesses with over 100 employees to mandate COVID vaccines or regular testing.

The plan also states that healthcare and education workers who receive federal funds, as well as federal employees and contractors, must be vaccinated.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice. It’s about protecting yourself and those around you,” Biden said.