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OKLAHOMA CITY – All over Oklahoma, families with jobs tied to the federal government may soon be having to make decisions about how to spend a smaller paycheck.

“We saved a little money, saved back a little money, but it’s really going to affect us,” Staff Sgt. Roberson said, one of those who said she and her husband could face furloughs and the loss of about 20 percent of their income, each.

“We talked about it and we’re going to cut back some things,” Roberson said.

Roberson said for example, she’s already planning on cutting back on a class at the University of Central Oklahoma.

Decisions like that could cost Oklahoma City and the metro millions.

Less money to spend means less money in the hands of business owners, restaurants and attractions around town.

This news comes on the heels of a report by the state treasurer that shows Oklahoma’s economic growth for Feb. 2013 was slower than that of Feb. 2012.

“We were thinking about moving to a different area but that’s probably going to have to wait,” Staff Sgt. Roberson said.

The White House said, here in Oklahoma, at least 24,000 employees in the Department of Defense will be furloughed, Army base operation funding will be cut by $48 million and Air Force operations will be cut by $20 millions.