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(NEXSTAR) – An ESPN Colombia journalist somehow escaped serious injury while taping a show Tuesday when a large portion of the set collapsed, pinning him.

Video of the on-air incident showed a large segment of the wall behind anchor and reporter Carlos Orduz fall, striking him from behind and violently slamming him face-first onto the desk in front of him.

Others can be heard gasping in shock before ESPN FC Radio anchor Francisco Javier Vélez tosses to a commercial break.

Incredibly, Orduz later tweeted that he wasn’t badly hurt in the scary accident: “To those who wrote and spoke to me after last night’s accident, I should tell you that I’m OK, thank God.”

Orduz said medical tests revealed only bruises and a blow to the nose, but no fracture.

ESPN Colombia said he was treated immediately by medical personnel and thanked his colleagues and the public for their messages of concern and support.