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EDMOND, Okla. – Friday morning’s strong earthquake in Edmond registered 4.2.

It was very similar to the quake that hit in the very same area three days ago.

Friday, some business owners were busy looking over damage.

“This is the part that catches your eye the most. We have an exit sign that popped out and a light with it,” said Dr. Kevin Hargrove.

Hargrove of Orthopedic Solutions has an office building  set to open in just days.

“We’ve be in the building process for two years, and it is kind of interesting that we are in the move in part and this happens,” he said.

The 4.2 magnitude quake shifted ceiling tiles and left electronics dangling.

“They look like they are all retrievable, and everything will go back in place pretty nicely,” said Hargrove.

He’s thankful the damage wasn’t worse but says things are definitely different in our state.

“Just be sure to set your alarms for 5:39 and brace yourself seems to be the theme,” he said.

A theme Duwayne and Cathy Novak were not expecting.

They were sound asleep when their hotel room started shaking.

“I was surprised you guys have earthquakes here,” said Cathy.

Clyde Harrison was also sound asleep in the same hotel.

“It was enough to rattle the inside of the room, woke me up pretty quick,” said Harrison.

The quake happened before sunrise.

For homeowners like Stephanie Savill in the daylight the damage was clear.

“The others were nerve-racking. This one, we had things fall inside the house and outside the house,” said Savill. “It seems like they get a little bit stronger – at least they have lately.”

It’s an issue being addressed by state regulators who plan to detail their response to the earthquakes in and around the Edmond area soon.

Friday’s quake was centered near sooner and Covell in Edmond.

The second large quake in just a week.

It’s why Stephanie says she’s afraid this is the new norm.

“Ready or not, here it is. You just hope your house is built well,” said Savill.