EDMOND, Ok. (KFOR) – First responders across the Oklahoma City metro joined together Saturday at Crossfit 882 in Edmond to celebrate the life of Sergeant C.J. Nelson with a memorial workout. Nelson was the Edmond motorcycle police officer killed in a crash in the line of duty Tuesday afternoon. 

To honor the fallen officer, several first responder agencies worked out because it was one of his hobbies and something special to him in his life.  

They shared good stories and laughs on behalf of C.J. Nelson, and with the looks of the turnout this morning, many people loved him.  

“We do a lot of things within crossfit to remember people that have fallen in service, but it hits a little closer to home when it’s one of your own. So, we just felt that it was very important to come together as a gym,” said Janae Judge, Edmond Crossfit 882.

William Reyes, a gym partner of C.J. Nelson’s says C.J. was the type of man who would give anyone the shirt off his back.

“C.J., he’s a good guy. Every time you heard his motorcycle coming through, he always boosted everybody’s morale in the gym. I chose to know C.J. as C.J. the crossfitter, I didn’t get the opportunity to really know him as C.J., the solar motor officer that he was,” said William Reyes, Oklahoma city police officer.

Tevin Johnson, an Edmond firefighter says it was all hands on deck for the department when they heard it was an Edmond police officer.  

“The radio traffic wasn’t real clear, we got a guy with an accidental injury. But once we found out that it was an officer down, it was just like it’s time to go to work,” said Tevin Johnson, Edmond firefighter.  

Johnson was there the day he died. 

“It was just one of those moments where everything you train for, everything you put in, and all the hard work is like, that’s the time. When you know it’s time to put everything you got into C.J.,” said Johnson.

He rode with C.J. to the hospital. 

“You could tell everybody was willing to put everything on the line and do everything they could to hopefully bring him back,” said Johnson.  

Wednesday would have been C.J.’s 13th anniversary at the department.  

“He was very loved within the community, and he did a lot for a lot of people. I think the turnout itself just goes to show that a lot of people cared about him,” said Judge.

All crossfit gyms in Edmond and some throughout the metro will be hosting a workout at each gym on August 13th to raise funds for the family if you would like to participate.