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CHICKASHA, Okla. — This weekend’s storms flooded downtown Chickasha, creating a big headache for business owners.

All down Chickasha Avenue, storefronts are lined with sandbags and tarps. Floodwater rose above those sandbags Saturday and Sunday.

The Washita River flooded, and creeks overflowed into city streets.

Pictures sent to us from the owner of “Emma’s Essentials” show a flooded Chickasha Avenue. Water flowed up to doorsteps and seeped into stores.

Paul Horton owns Ross Seed Company.

“We have seen water get waist deep on Choctaw Avenue right in front of us,” Horton said.

He’s lived with Oklahoma’s wild weather for years, and was proactive last week getting his store prepared for the storms.

Lots of folks in town have been stopping by his store, clearing shelves of sandbags and other supplies.

Now, he says what’s selling most is his cleanup inventory after home and business owners were left with flooded property.

“Today, we’ve been selling sub pumps to get the water out of a lot of these basements… cleanup items, mops, brooms, buckets… anything to clean up after the mess,” Horton said.

Back on Chickasha Avenue, stores are closed for Memorial Day.

The water is gone for now, but people here are concerned, keeping their eyes to the sky with more severe weather ahead.

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