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Update: 9/17/2014 – In November, Yukon City Council members will vote on a measure to make anyone who is replacing a sewer line have to put a back flow preventer on the line when it is replaced.

According to officials, all new construction is required to have a back flow preventer installed before the home passes  inspection.

The City says they have not had any big increase in the number of home with back flow problems.


YUKON, Okla. – Folks in a Yukon neighborhood are raising a stink, after sewage backed up inside of their homes. Now residents say the city won’t pay up.

The incident, which took place near the intersection of Platt and Grand Teton in May, has sparked two separate lawsuits against the City of Yukon.

Bob and Phyllis Wallace were away from home when sewage started flowing into their bathroom on May 4th. Their daughter Pam, was stuck house sitting at the wrong time.

“She would just get a big bucket-full and run out the door, but she wasn’t keeping up,” said Bob. “My wife and I got home about that time, and she was having a frantic fit.”

The Wallaces aren’t part of any lawsuit,  but some neighbors are.

“I’m representing several people in Yukon,” said Jim Buxton, an Oklahoma City attorney. “All these cities and municipalities are required to keep their lines free and clear…homeowners don’t have any ability to do that.”

For those who were lucky enough to be home that day in May, the damage was easier to manage. But one particular neighbor wasn’t as lucky.

“He wasn’t there,” said Bob. “Nobody could get in there, but we could see it (sewage) coming out the garage door.”

Now two lawsuits have been filed against the city, both of which seek in excess of $75,000. Buxton says the lawsuits came about after several claims to receive money for damages were denied by the city.

“They know that 9/10 people aren’t going to go through the hassle, or hire a lawyer,” said Buxton. “So when someone files a claim, they automatically deny it.”

City of Yukon officials would not comment, due to the impending lawsuit.

For Bob Wallace, the timing was terrible.

“May 4th was my birthday,” said Bob. “I spent the day cleaning and hauling sewage out of the bathtub.”

Turns out lucky number 77, was a stinker.

“Man it was a day, I won’t forget that birthday,” said Bob.