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Warning: This story contains graphic details. 

JONES, Okla. – A former Jones Public Schools science teacher was charged Monday with multiple counts of sexual battery and assault, accused of inappropriately touching and poking teen girls with a yard stick.

Larry Michael Mobly, 47, of Choctaw, faces two counts of sexual battery and five counts of assault and battery stemming from an investigation that started early last month.

Mobly was suspended from his duties and sent home during the investigation and did not return, according to Jones Public Schools Superintendent Carl Johnson.

“Mr. Mobley (sic) was in his first year and on a temporary contract,” Johnson wrote to News 4 in an email. “His one year contract expired at the end of the year. He will not be considered for other employment.”

A total of five victims were listed by prosecutors in court filings, alleging Mobly touched the victim’s breasts and buttocks with his hands, as well as using a yard stick to poke the girls.

One victim told police Mobly had been poking her in the sides and torso with a yard stick all semester and would often make comments about her breasts, saying “that it would be better if she didn’t wear a bra.”

A male student interviewed by police said Mobly refused to let him sit next to Mobly’s desk “because you don’t have t–s.”

Another victim told police Mobly touched her breasts and buttocks with a yard stick every day of class and asked him to stop, “but the behavior continued and she didn’t know how to make it stop,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

In interviews with police, other students said Mobly gave female students back rubs and made a reference about the smell of female genitalia during a science lab dissecting animals.

Johnson, the district superintendent, said parents of students in Mobly’s class were notified of the matter.

The Jones Police Department, which handled the investigation, is not commenting on the case at this time.

However, according to the probable cause affidavit, the investigation began on May 4 after a Jones Public Schools teacher overheard a conversation in a salon in late April about a high school teacher acting inappropriately with students.

According to online records and The Oklahoma State Board of Education, Mobly was certified in May 2017 to teach junior high and high school biological sciences.