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UPDATE 4:30- A judge has ruled to unseal mayoral hopeful Ed Shadid’s divorce records Friday morning.

Shadid and his ex-wife were against opening the records.

They said doing so would harm their three children.

According to records, Judge Lisa Hammond sealed the records after granting the divorce.

In one of them, Shadid in used his 5th Amendment right to avoid incriminating himself.

OKLAHOMA CITY – One metro man’s run for mayor has become an embattled campaign.

Despite stunning accusations, Dr. Ed Shadid is still seeking the Oklahoma City mayor’s seat currently held by Mick Cornett. The allegations against Shadid will be made public Friday when a judge unseals his divorce records.

“After my brother’s death in 2004 I hit rock bottom,” Shadid said.

However, the people supporting him hope his run for mayor does not. Shadid talked Thursday night about Friday’s court proceedings in which he and his ex wife, Dina Hammam, are trying to keep their divorce documents from going public.

Shadid says he and his ex are simply attempting to protect their children from the painful details of a the split and a past addiction from being aired in the media. He thinks the judge will rule against him.

“The judge appears to have made her decision before hearing the merits of the case,” Shadid said. “Although it’s going to be painful I pray that some good will come from a discussion of what addiction can do to families.”

One of Shadid’s biggest endorsements came from the Oklahoma City Fraternal Order of Police. So far, he still it.

“We haven’t rescinded our endorsement,” FOP President John George said. “Our endorsement is still there. All we’ve done is kind of like what I think everyone else has done. We’re just kind of waiting to see what’s in the records.”

The FOP meets again on January 9 and will vote if they will continue supporting Shadid.

“We’re not endorsing somebody for what they did 10, 20 or 30 years ago obviously,” George said. “We’re endorsing them for what they’ve done since they’ve been on the counsel and what they will do as mayor. Now, however, anything can change.”

Something Shadid’s former wife says happened to Shadid.

“My former husband Dr. Ed Shadid is not the same person with almost a decade of recovery,” Hammam said. “I care more that Oklahoma City is in the best hands. Those hands are Ed Shadid’s.”

As to whether or not the judge will make the divorce documents public, NewsChannel 4 will follow that decision.