DETROIT (WJW) — An art teacher in Michigan is causing a stir with her front yard full of sharks.

These particular toothy creatures may only be made of snow and ice and food coloring, but Jennifer Ramirez has taken care to make her sculptures appear lifelike.

“Took a break from drawing for a little while today. Got some sharks started,” Ramirez said in a weekend Facebook post which included several photographs of her creations.

The sharks, which are not native to Michigan, can be seen in Madison Heights, a suburb of Detroit — or just on the internet.

(Photo courtesy Jennifer Ramirez)

As seen on her Facebook page (and above), the sharks were originally the same color as the surrounding snow. Ramirez then dyed her creations with diluted food coloring to lend a little color.

Days later, she was finished.

Fans on Facebook have called Ramirez’s sharks “absolutely brilliant” and “spectacular.” She also seems to have inspired several users to try it in their own yards, if weather conditions are favorable.

“If we ever get this much snow, I promise I’m doing this,” one user wrote.