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SHAWNEE, Okla. — A Shawnee family wants to see something done after their neighbors’ pit bull attacked and killed their small dog.

“You know how people also say, when a dog dies, ‘Oh, he was the best dog?’ Well, he was the best dog,” Connie Wright told News 4.

Wright is talking about her Morkie, 1-year-old Sergeant.

“Sydney wanted to take family pictures with her little Morkie, and so she got all dressed up and stuff,” Wright said, referencing her 7-year-old daughter. “Then, she put him on a leash and was out walking him in the yard.”

Things took a scary turn when she walked toward the neighbor’s yard.

“They recently got a pit bull a couple months ago and it came out the front door, saw Sydney walking the dog and attacked and killed it instantly,” Wright said.

It all happened right in front of Sydney, who tried to stop it without any hesitation.

“When the dog came at Sergeant, I was trying to pick him up but the big pit bull came at me and tried to bite me back but he kept on going at my dog, Sergeant,” Sydney said.

Fortunately, Sydney was unharmed. However, emotionally, it was a hard pill to swallow.

“It was pretty heartbreaking because that night she was in her room, my daughter, and she was crying. Like I said, they were going to do family pictures together and she had made a sign earlier that day that said ‘My BFF’ with paw prints on it,” Wright said.

The neighbors apologized and promised to keep a close eye on their dog from now on.

Wright said this isn’t a first. Her husband, allegedly, watched the same pit bull kill another dog down the road.

That’s why Wright wants to see more done, like finding a new place for the dog to stay.

We spoke with Wright’s neighbor, Robert, who didn’t want to share his last name.

“I mean, I got young kids. They got young kids. The kids play with the dog, like it’s a horse kinda. So, it was just a freak accident,” he said.

He said the dog is staying put but he’s willing to help his neighbors with a new Morkie though, if they wish.

Wright said her main concern right now is safety.

“I shouldn’t have to worry about letting my 7-year-old go outside to play,” Wright said.

“Sometimes, it comes over here and I’m scared that it’ll attack my other dog,” Sydney said.