SHAWNEE, Okla. (KFOR) – After a natural disaster, victims are often targeted by looters.

The Shawnee Police Department is reminding business and homeowners about this after Wednesday night’s storms. 

The Shawnee Police Department said people tried looting at Lowe’s on Kickapoo just hours after the disaster. That is the only looting issue so far. 

“It’s a concern in the back of my mind,” said Andy Dyke, Shawnee resident. 

The Shawnee Police Department said they have only had one problem with looting so far at Lowe’s. 

The people who looted it did not get away with anything. Thankfully, police acted quickly. 

“All the businesses either have their own security, have people out there. We have patrol 24/7 obviously. We are working 12-hour shifts and we are, you know, out there, if anyone has any problems, any questions, please call us,” said Vivian Lozano, Shawnee Police Department. 

Several neighbors in the area are being forced out of their homes either due to home damage or no power, giving looters a possible opportunity to steal. 

“It has crossed my mind several times, but people around here are okay. As long as you know, we don’t have random people coming from other places… We’ll pull through, we always do. We’re Oklahoma strong so we will be fine,” said T’Era Duncan, Shawnee resident.  

Shawnee homeowner Andy Dyke said so far, there has been no looting problems on his neighborhood street. 

“I haven’t seen anybody. I know people have stuck around just to make sure that nothing did happen. So just their physical presence, they haven’t actually left. So that’s just prevented any type of looting that would have ever happened,” said Dyke. 

The Shawnee Police Department also wants to remind you about scammers. Make sure businesses and contractors you’re working with are legit, have credentials and are reliable. 

Anyone who needs help or would like to volunteer, click here for more information.