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SHAWNEE, Okla. – It’s a prom proposal gone wrong.

Shawnee students and staff found a wall at the school covered in graffiti Monday morning. It appears to be someone’s proposal to the prom.

But, the person responsible could now be looking at a trip to jail.

In Oklahoma, if the damages are over $1,000, it’s automatically a felony.

“It’s just crazy,” said Alexis Alexander, a concerned Shawnee resident.

Alexander’s still in shock after seeing the wall at Shawnee High School covered in spray paint.

“This is wrong, and how would you go and do this to your community?” Alexander said.

It appears to be a prom proposal for someone named “Alice,” but school officials said it went too far.

And, the person responsible probably won’t be going to the dance after this.

“It was just shocking that had happened,” said Cherity Pennington, Shawnee Communications Coordinator. “This is not a way we would recommend asking anyone to the prom because the cleanup is going to be incredibly expensive.”

Alexander agrees the vandals took quite a risk.

“Prom though,” Alexander said. “Like, just ask her will you go to prom with me. That’s crazy. People do crazy things and think it’s alright.”

Maintenance crews spent Monday morning scrubbing off what they could, but there’s still a long way to go.

“Not only are they going to have to do quite a bit of re-painting, but they’re going to have to do some sandblasting to try to remove the paint.”

The school has turned over surveillance video to Shawnee police, which they said shows the suspect or suspects.

In the meantime, Alexander and Pennington have a message for the vandals.

“It’s idiotic,” Alexander said. “That’s crazy. Come on now.”

“We have a great school system, and we really just want our students to love it and enjoy it as much as we do,” Pennington said. “When people strike out like this, it hurts a lot of us.”

Police are working with the school to identify the vandals in the surveillance video.

If you have any information, give police a call.