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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. – A drug deal gone bad in Pottawatomie County may be to blame for a shootout that ended with a crash in a Shawnee neighborhood.

Police say it all started when a Walgreens employee stole pills to sell on the street, but the decision put the entire community at risk.

“There could’ve been multiple deaths in this incident,” Pottawattamie County District Attorney Allan Grubb said. “This one endangered all the citizens in Shawnee.”

According to Shawnee Police, a scary shootout stemmed from an alleged drug ring, sending nearly a dozen people to jail.

Court documents reveal 11 suspects are named in the case.

“This is one of the stories that you can’t make up,” Grubb said.

It was January 23 when surveillance video showed a white Chevy firing bullets at a dark-colored sedan.

However, the encounter didn’t begin on the road.

Police say it all started at a known drug house less than three blocks away.

Stanley Johnson was in the dark-colored sedan when he was out for revenge against Nathan Sam, the driver of the white Chevy, hoping to “hog tie Sam and steal his pounds”.

The pair set up a deal with Sam and his girlfriend, Madison Bell, who was allegedly stealing “Xanax pills from her job at Walgreens”.

But moments into their meeting, guns were drawn.

“You said there were shots fired?” the 911 dispatcher said.

“Yes!” the caller said. “Several shots fired. Oh my God!”

The shootout eventually went on the road.

Johnson is seen in the dark sedan, and Sam in the white Chevy, weaving in and out of Shawnee neighborhoods.

At one point Sam was spotted “leaning out the window with an AK-47”.

Police found at least “five rounds in the ditch and in neighbors yards”.

All of it came to a screeching halt near Adam Turner’s front yard.

“Let me tell you, it was a sight to be seen,” Turner said.

Johnson lost control and crashed out, but he didn’t stick around for police due to warrants of his own.

In less than a week, both men and Madison Bell would be picked up by Shawnee police.

Eight more would be arrested just days later. Police say three are still on the run.

Police are still looking for the AK-47 used during the shooting.

Nathan Sam is facing a shooting with an intent to kill charge along with several other drug charges.

Stanley Johnson is sitting in the Pottawatomie County Detention Center facing an attempted robbery with a dangerous weapon charge.

Madison Bell is facing a conspiracy to commit a felony charge as well as possession of a controlled substance.