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A 3-year-old was allegedly abused at a private Christian school, and parents are still wondering when, or if, there will be justice.

Nearly three months have passed since video surfaced of an employee at Liberty Academy allegedly putting hand sanitizer in 3-year-old Zhuri Feh’s mouth.

The video was taken by a concerned teacher back in April, who told parents the sanitizer was being used as punishment for bad behavior.

Once that video reached Zhuri’s parents, events unfolded rather quickly, as Shawnee police made requests for two arrest warrants. Their case was then handed over to the office of Pottawatomie County District Attorney, Richard Smothermon.

But months later, those warrants haven’t been issued, and Shemika Feh is fed up.

“No one’s being held responsible for what has taken place,” said Feh. “No charges, no nothing…so I guess this is a crime that everybody can commit every day and get away with.”

Shemika says she’s called the DA’s office looking for answers every day since the story broke.

“I figured maybe if I called every day, like I’ve been doing, something would be done,” explained Feh.

Shemikah says the two employees, Kenna Blackwood, and preschool director Zabrinna Myers, have been left to live a normal life, despite what she says is clear video and audio proof that abuse took place.

“We still have Zabrinna Meyers, we still have Kenna Blackwood just walking around freely,” said Feh. “My child’s only 3 years old, so she can’t fight for herself…so I will have to and I’ll continue to do it.”

District Attorney Richard Smothermon tells NewsChannel 4 the investigation is on-going.

Liberty Academy would not comment on the story, stating this was a ‘personnel matter.’

Director Zabrinna Meyers did not return our phone calls.


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