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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A 15-year-old ballerina’s life was cut short last week after a car accident.

Police say Hope Shaffer was in the back seat of a student driver vehicle when another driver rear ended her car, killing her.

Her parents’ world is now forever changed.

“Hope’s light will continue to shine. I know she won’t be forgotten. Not by us,” said Hope’s mom, Charla Shaffer.

“We want her here with us, but we know, goodness, she’s with God in Heaven. We wouldn’t want to take her from that,” said her dad, Nick Shaffer.

Her parents remember her as kind, witty and, above all, a follower of Christ.

“She just wanted to share her love of Jesus and ballet with other people,” Charla said.

Hope was a dancer, a talented ballerina, with dreams of reaching the big leagues.

Her parents say she used her gift with all she had until her very last day on Earth, determined to one day combine her love of God and dance by giving lessons to children who cannot afford them.

“The one thing she talked about was that she knew that God had given her this gift. She knew where it came from, and she wanted to use it,” Charla said.

The Shaffers are now planning to make Hope’s dreams a reality, already setting up a fund in her name.

“She is and was a wonderful gift. Wouldn’t have missed it for anything,” Nick said.

If you would like to donate to the fund, ‘Dancing for Eternity,’ donations may be payable and sent to OKC Friends Church at 320 SE 62nd St., Oklahoma City, OK 73149 with a memo, “Dancing for Eternity.”

Story by News 4 reporter Taylor Adams