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OKLAHOMA – Following the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino, sheriffs across the country and in Oklahoma have been announcing their support for the second amendment.

From Cater, to Garvin to Logan County sheriffs have been sending letters encouraging people in their communities to get a license to carry.

“We’re not saying just pick up a firearm and carry it,” said Sgt. Greg Valencia with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office. “We are saying that, if you’re wanting to do so, you need to do so legally and properly and receive the necessary training.”

“If an international threat or a domestic threat believes that the citizenry may be armed, they’re going to go elsewhere,” said Garvin County Sheriff Larry Rhodes.

Rhodes announced his office would waive all sheriffs fees tied to getting a gun license.

“The benefits of people getting their license, carrying lawfully, certainly outweigh that money I would lose,” Rhodes said.

Not all law enforcement officials are on board with the movement.

“You never know what somebody in a fit of rage or extreme scare could do, so I’m against it,” said Blaine County Undersheriff Gary Clyden. “It’s tough enough to carry one of these while I’m working as the last 37 years so, you know, I hate to see everybody and their brother carry one.”

While some only want guns to be in the hands of law enforcement officers, others are rushing to get their license amid fears of an attack at home.

“They can’t be everywhere at once, and we need to be able to protect and take care of our property,” said Ken Herrod.

“It has heightened our awareness of how we need to protect ourselves and our family,” said Mark Contreras, who is in the process of getting his license.

If you are interested in getting a handgun license, you can pick up an application at your sheriff’s office or apply online through the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation’s website.