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Warning: Some may find content graphic.

An Oklahoma family is warning dog owners to keep their eyes on the skies, after their little dog came under attack.

Little Punkin’s living it up in the city this week, but the ‘morkie’ mix is a country dog, now packed with holes, after an encounter most fowl.

“With a little muscle relaxer and pain pill, she’s happy right now,” said Jeanna Sellmeyer, Punkin’s owner.

Punkin spends her days at a farm near Collinsville.

Usually an indoor dog, she managed to sneak out the front door Sunday night.

“All of a sudden, my sister hears this noise, she describes it as a noise she’s never ever heard before,” Sellmeyer said. “They realized the dogs slipped out the door.”

Bloodied and bruised, Punkin was rushed to a nearby vet, who determined she’d been attacked by a bird of prey.

Her back is now covered with white tubes, used to drain the fluid after the encounter.

“They said it definitely looked like a bird of some sort, and the only thing that hangs out there is this brown owl,” Sellmeyer said. “That’s my little baby, seeing your little baby hurt like that, you can’t hardly do it.”

It’s a scary situation that Julie Bank with OKC Animal Welfare said is all too common.

“It’s not that they’re being evil or awful birds. They’re looking for food,” Bank said. “You could put out some deterrents, lights that come on or things that make noise to spook the animal out, but really the only way you can deter this is keep your animal safe indoors.”

How Punkin survived her alleged brush with a brown owl is a mystery, but with her fresh talon scars, she’ll have a tale or two to share when she’s back on the farm.

“She’s darn lucky, I think, darn lucky,” Sellmeyer said.

The family hopes to have Punkin’s drainage tubes removed by the end of this week.