HEREFORD, Arizona (KFOR/Storyful) – A Sonoran mountain kingsnake wowed folks outside the Coronado National Memorial in Hereford, Arizona, as it twisted and contorted its body to fit the winding grooves of a brick wall, resembling the video game Tetris.

“You never know who might stop by the visitor center,” the Coronado National Memorial posted on Facebook.

The National Park Service says while kingsnakes do appear similar in color and pattern to the venomous coral snake, kingsnakes are harmless to humans – but are known to kill rattlesnakes!

“They are opportunistic feeders, but are well known for eating rattlesnakes,” according to the NPS website. “Kingsnakes are believed to be immune, or at least extremely tolerant of rattlesnake venom. They strike at the heads of rattlesnakes and then quickly coil around and constrict their prey.”

Sonoran mountain kingsnakes also eat other snakes, lizards, small turtles, frogs, birds, small animals, and eggs from reptiles or birds.

They can grow up to 42 inches long.