PORTLAND, Oregon (Storyful/KFOR) – The Oregon Zoo in Portland released video of orangutan mom, Kitra, lovingly cuddling her first baby.

The Zoo said the tiny orangutan was born April 13th to 20 year-old Kitra, and that both mom and baby are doing fine. However, staff members will monitor Kitra to make sure she’s able to nurse properly, and whether she will produce enough milk to nourish her baby.

The Zoo stated, “Kitra’s care team worked with her throughout her pregnancy to help her prepare for motherhood, including training her for voluntary ultrasounds so vet staff could closely monitor her progress. Using orangutan stuffies made by zoo volunteers, they taught her how to hold her baby properly to nurse, and how to present her baby to care staff once she feels ready, so they can check on the young orangutan’s health and well-being.”

The baby’s gender won’t be known for a few more weeks, but Kitra is clearly smitten, and the critically-endangered species is now one orangutan stronger.